Universal Desktop


Stream Mac apps to your Apple Vision Pro as native visionOS windows.

See it in action:

Stream Mac Apps Natively

Use individual Mac app windows directly on your Apple Vision Pro, like native visionOS apps. No more screen mirroring limitations.

Seamless Multi-Device Workflow

Open, close, and resize streamed Mac windows alongside your native visionOS apps. Work fluidly and switch tasks effortlessly.

Simple and Secure Setup

Easily connect your Mac and Vision Pro on the same network. Get started in minutes and unlock the power of seamless multi-device work.

Actively Developed: More to Come!

Universal Desktop is constantly evolving. We're actively working on exciting new features like Dock support, Spotlight support, audio support, better support for native input methods, streaming windows from iOS, Windows, and Linux, and many more. Stay tuned for future updates!

Let's Chat!

I value your feedback! I personally respond to any feedback and suggestions as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Don't hesitate to reach out via DM, email, or other channels.